How we work

Having a clear set of values is a vital part of any brand proposition, and our own business is no different.


When HAN Communications was set up, we were clear about one thing. Transparency and client service would be at the heart of everything we would do.

That’s why the work we carry out and our behaviour towards our clients are guided by three core values.


When you work in marketing and you’re used to signing off designs or copy, you become a bit of a pedant for mistakes and quality control. We see this as a good thing and it’s something we employ when working with our clients.

Quality – both of the work that we produce, and that of our delivery partners, is integral to all that we do.


As any marketing manager will know, there is nothing more annoying than hidden costs, or half-truths from suppliers.

Honesty is the best policy and this is something we live and breathe. After all, how else can we build trust?



When companies approach us for help with their marketing, they aren’t just looking for a service, they are looking to be inspired.

Clients might approach us with one small requirement, but if we can help to spark ideas and concepts they can take forward, then we will do that.

It’s what motivates us, and drives us to achieve good things.


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