Vail Williams LLP

Copywriting and PR



We were appointed by property advisers, Vail Williams LLP, to manage the firm’s copywriting and PR services, having first worked with the company on an initial project to re-write its website.

Client requirements

Vail Williams is a commercial property adviser based across the south and in the Midlands. The issues that the company advises on are often complex, so HAN Communications was appointed to help the firm communicate with its target audience in a simple, jargon-free way, whilst raising its profile on a national level.

How we met their needs

Working with the in-house marketing team and its property partners, we are now engaged as the primary copywriting supplier for the firm.

We write regular monthly blog content for their website about the latest property trends, or legislative changes, as well as short blogs about new staff that join the firm.

We switched to HAN Communications from a much bigger PR agency which has turned out to be a great decision. It now feels like we have our own in-house team containing a ‘Blogger’, content creator, PR person and web copywriter who really understands our business.

Having successfully provided copywriting services for the firm’s blog, we have since been appointed to meet the firm’s wider copy requirements including managing the firm’s regional and national PR campaign.


The copy that we write is engaging and informative, without being boring or full of complex, technical jargon.

This allows Vail Williams to engage with its clients and target audience in a meaningful, yet straightforward way, whilst raising their profile on both a regional and national level.

Since being engaged to carry out the firm’s PR, we have generated a great deal of coverage, raising brand awareness of Vail Williams amongst the firm’s various target audiences.

Our biggest issue is to get our professional ‘fee earners’ to provide the info to back up a good PR story. Rather than have them fretting over a ‘blank page’ for a couple of hours we get HAN Communications to call them for a 20 minute interview where the important info can be coaxed out of them in a relaxed format that is so much easier than them trying to write it themselves.

David Owen, Head of Marketing, Vail Williams LLP.