We are delighted to announce that we have further boosted our client portfolio with the addition of leading North East-based creative digital, tech and music development agency, Generator.

HAN Communications will provide day-to-day PR support and media liaison services to Newcastle-based Generator, which specialises in a range of support services for the creative digital, tech and music sectors.

Founder of HAM Comms, Hannah McGivern, together with PR freelancer Ruth Lawson, will work with Generator’s marketing department and senior management to develop both regional and national communication strategies, which will showcase the strength of region’s creative digital, and tech scene through Digital Union, as well as helping emerging artists get a foot in the door via its talent development programme, Tipping Point.

The appointment comes at a busy time for Generator which is running a host of business and music industry support programmes, events and seminars – from its Music Masters series, to its collaboration with Tech Trust to help start-ups.

Other programmes include Ladders, which is aimed at 18-24-year-olds wishing to embark on a career in software, music, or film, and its renowned artist development programme and record label, Tipping Point, which has recently signed two new artists – A Festival, A Parade and Polo.

Speaking of the appointment, Jim Mawdsley, CEO at Generator, said: “As we grow in terms of reach and reputation, we really value public relations as part of our ongoing marketing efforts and HAN Communications’ professionalism and experience of the creative digital and tech industry is what helped them stand out from all who tendered.

“Generator will always be an artist development agency, music is in our DNA, but digital and tech is now very much a part of our identity and through Digital Union, we are heavily involved in the scene both here in the North East and nationally.

“As part of Digital Union’s manifesto which was released earlier this year, we pledged to help raise the profile of our bustling digital scene and to really get the North East on the map, and through the power of PR, we are gradually fulfilling our promise.

“The team is very much looking forward to seeing what Hannah and Ruth can do and where we can take Generator’s services. There’s a lot of positive change on the horizon so stay tuned for some big announcements this side of Christmas.”

HAN Communications is a network of marketing and PR consultants based across the North of England (Newcastle and Preston).

Founder of HAN Comms, Hannah McGivern

Drawing on the combined skills of experienced PR and marketer Hannah, and former journalist and PR consultant Ruth, the team brings a broad range of expertise to support Generator’s vision to take the North East digital and tech scene onto the national stage.

Hannah McGivern, Founder of HAN Communications, said: “The North East is home to so many talented individuals and businesses that are excelling in the creative digital and tech sectors. The work that Generator does to nurture and develop this talent and to promote this to a wider audience is vital, and we’re honoured to have the opportunity to play a part in this.”

Ruth Lawson, PR Consultant at HAN Communications, added: “The region’s digital and tech sectors play an important role from an inward investment perspective, so we’re really looking forward to communicating all that is great and good about the North East scene, to help attract and retain the talent needed for the region’s creative digital and tech sector to continue to thrive.”