Huddle Digital

Development of marketing strategy to support business plan



We were appointed by Huddle Digital, a digital services agency based in Manchester, to develop a marketing strategy which would support the firm’s growth future plans.

Client requirements

Huddle Digital Ltd was a relatively new digital services agency, operating in a competitive digital sector in Manchester. The business had progressed beyond its initial growth stages, and now wanted to take stock of its position, and create a marketing strategy that would help it to meet its future growth plans.

How we met their needs

Working with the firm’s directors, we carried out a marketing strategy day to interrogate their business objectives, and establish how marketing can support them in achieving their aims.

The session started with a situational analysis so that Huddle understood where their business was at and how they ranked in their sector amongst their peers.

Having done this, we then explored the firm’s business plan and aims, looking at growth areas and products and services, in order to develop out their unique value proposition and really define what they do.

In doing so, we explored brand perceptions and developed a set of brand values, establishing who the firm wanted to market their business to.

As with any marketing plan, undertaking a SWOT analysis was an important factor in understand the business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This allowed us to create a tactical plan to take the business forward, through the application of the marketing mix.

HAN Communications really helped us to focus our marketing efforts, set goals and envision the path ahead. We came away from the sessions with a set of actionable tasks to further our marketing which have helped us grow and expand our reach.


The session helped Huddle to take stock of where it was, where it wanted to be, and how marketing could help it get there.

From the strategy day, a full marketing strategy document was created, which now serves as a useful reference point as the business continues to develop.

We continue to work with Huddle on an ongoing basis to provide consultancy and strategy services.

Our monthly marketing catch ups are great for us to review and plan, and HAN’s extensive network and industry-specific knowledge proves invaluable when we’re thinking about press relations and targeting specific audiences. They have a friendly and proactive approach and we’re looking forward to seeing where our marketing can go!

Tom Parson, Director at Huddle Digital.